From booking to take-off

In a few simple steps


Start by sending a booking or inquiry. Same-day and last-minute bookings are welcome.


Within 1 hour we email you back to confirm and finalize your booking details. No deposit payment is needed.


Your driver picks you up at your chosen address in Prague.


Pay in cash in return for a paper receipt. We accept CZK or EUR, as well as cards.


Now it’s time to fire some iconic weapons nad make some epic pictures!


Your driver takes you back to your chosen address. It can be a different location in Prague from the pick-up.

Good to know

No response?

If you reach out to us during the office hours but don’t hear back from us within 1 hour, then our email response likely ended up in your spam folder — please take a look there. Outside the office hours, we come back to you the first thing in the morning.


You pay in full at the range in cash, in CZK or EUR. There is no need to pay any deposit in advance.

Cancellation policy

You are free to cancel with no charge up to 24 hours before the date of the experience. After this date the deposit is not refundable.

Weather conditions

Some of our outdoor experiences are dependent on the current weather conditions. In the unfortunate case of bad weather, you receive a full refund of your deposit, or, if you prefer, we try to reschedule your experience.

Transfers to the airport

Our skydive packages include free transfers from our office (the street Dlouha 6, Prague 1) to the airport and back.


Extra services, such as out-of-Prague and airport pick-up/drop-off etc., can be arranged for a fee.


Please do not hesitate to get in touch with any questions you might have.

Frequently asked questions


Do you’ve weight limitations? #

While we would absolutely love to take everyone's skydiving, we have to respect the limitation of 40 kg minimum and 110 kg maximum.

What is the maximum weight? #

The upper weight limit for the tandem jump is 110 kg, and the BMI is a maximum of 35.

What is the minimum weight? #

To fit in the skydiving gear, you need to have a minimum of 40 kg and be 130 cm high.

Do you’ve age limitations? #

At Prague Skydive Centre are no age limitations for tandem jumps. We have taken people skydiving as old as 90 and as young as seven. Kids under 18 must be accompanied to the dropzone by a parent or have parental approval to skydive.

What is the minimum age limit? #

At Prague Skydive Center is no minimum age limit for the tandem jump. However, to fit in the skydiving gear, the kid needs to have a minimum of 40 kg and be 130 cm high. Also, kids under 18 must be accompanied by a parent or have parental approval to skydive.

What is the maximum age limit? #

There is no upper age limit for tandem skydiving in the Czech Republic. Anyone physically fit and in good health can jump.

Can a kid go skydiving? #

Sure! As far as the kid has a minimum of 40 kg and 130 cm to fit in the skydiving gear, we are excited to take it for the skydiving adventure. Under the age of 18, parental attendance or approval is necessary.

Can a pregnant woman skydive? #

It is strongly not recommending that pregnant women skydive due to health reasons.

Medical conditions #

We regret that some medical conditions may prevent you from skydiving. These include epilepsy, certain cardiovascular and neurological disorders, some forms of diabetes, and recurring injuries. If your shoulder or arm was previously dislocated, you should consult your doctor if it is all right for you to skydive.

Tandem jump

At what height does the parachute open? #

Your skydive instructor opens the parachute at approximately 4,200 m (4,000ft).

How many people can jump in the same plane? #

Our current capacity at Prague Skydive Centre is four tandem skydives per flight. It means four skydive passengers, four skydive instructors, and one pilot is in the plane at the same time.

Where do the parachutes land? #

Your instructor will land the parachute in the Prague Skydiving Centre area.

From what height will I jump? #

At Prague Skydive Centre, we jump from a minimum height of 4,200 m (14,000 ft).

Is it cold up there? #

It's a bit cooler up there than it is on the ground. You’ll feel a blast of cold air for a few seconds when the plane door opens. But soon will your adrenaline keep you warm during the skydiving experience.

What do I have to do during the tandem jump? #

There is not too much to learn, and you don’t have to do it perfectly. You are there to enjoy yourself. During the briefing, your tandem instructor will teach you the essential body position for the freefall. You can take control of the parachute to try, after the freefall, if you wish to.

Can I feel sick while skydiving? #

The plane ride and freefall are never usually a problem. If you suffer from motion sickness, you only need to inform your skydive instructor. He will reduce the turns and spirals during the parachute ride.

What if I decide on the plane I can't jump? #

Unfortunately, as all the costs involved are getting you up there, no refund can be given. However, our professional instructors are very skilled in coaching people through their nervousness. You'll be amazed at how easy it is when you have someone experienced on the plane with you.

General questions

Can I skydive in Prague? #

You can skydive in Prague surroundings, not in the city of Prague itself. A great place to experience tandem skydiving is Prague Skydive Center, located one hour from Prague. Prague Skydive Center offers free transfers from Prague to the dropzone & back.

How long will my skydive take? #

The whole skydiving adventure usually lasts 4-5 hours, including transfers from Prague to the Prague Skydive center & back. But, please allow for unforeseen delays due to events such as unfavorable weather and air traffic control.

Do I need to have any experience to skydive with you? #

No skydiving experience is needed; your qualified tandem instructor will take care of everything. All you need to do is enjoy the ride on maximum!

May I drink alcohol before skydiving? #

Eight hours should pass between your last drink and your tandem jump.

Can I eat before skydiving? #

In general, it is better to have something in your stomach and eat at least something small (and, on the other side, not too much) before your tandem jump.

Will the freefall affect my sinuses? #

Some people find, after the freefall, that their sinuses are blocked. It is easy to equalize them by chewing, yawning, or swallowing.


How far in advance should I book? #

The sooner you book your tandem jump, the more chance you have of skydiving on your preferred date & time, especially in the peak summer season. Last-minute bookings can be made on the day subject to availability.

Can I book for the whole group? #

Yes, you can.

Can I book for the same day? #


Can I make changes to my booking? #


Can I cancel my booking? #


Can I book for someone else? #


Do you have tandem jump gift vouchers? #

We sure do! Gift vouchers are valid for two years.

What if my jump gets canceled? #

If we have to cancel the skydiving due to weather or other unforeseen circumstances, we can reschedule your tandem jump to another time that suits you or refund your deposit.

Can I change the date or time of my booking? #

Yes. Please let us know more than 24h in advance to make the necessary re-arrangements in our skydiving schedule and re-schedule your tandem jump at no extra cost to a more convenient time for you.

How do I book my tandem jump? #

The easiest and fastest way is to fill our booking form.


Can I use my own camera during skydiving? #

It is against skydiving regulations in the Czech Republic for tandem skydive passengers to wear a camera during the jump due to safety reasons. But don't worry, the Prague Skydive Center team has got you covered. You can add photos & video and a Handycam video package to your skydive experience, and our professional skydive cameraman will take care of it for you.

What kinds of tandem jump recordings are available? #

The external cameraman can take photos & videos of your tandem jump. Your skydive instructor can use a GoPro camera to take a great selfie video of you.

Can I wear my GoPro while skydiving? #

Due to safety reasons, the skydiving regulations in the Czech Republic allow only licensed skydivers with more than 100 skydives to wear a camera while skydiving. You can purchase video and photo extras with our skydiving packages and have a second cameraman jumping with you to film as an outside camera. To this option, you can add the selfie video and have your tandem instructor wear a wrist-mounted camera.

Can I use my helmet with a GoPro camera while skydiving? #

Due to safety reasons, you are unable to use your helmet during your skydive. The harness or helmets used must be approved for skydiving. The Czech law regulates the carrying of cameras in freefall and mandates that you must have 100 skydives before carrying a camera. Anyway, while skydiving, you think of many other things other than holding your camera in the right position. Our instructors are professionals at filming skydive videos. Just relax and enjoy your skydive and let them do some great photos and videos of your tandem jump.

Can more skydivers share one cameraman? #

One cameraman can’t capture two different tandem clients during freefall. We have to keep tandem skydive clients separated in the air for safety reasons.


What clothes should I be wearing? #

We supply jumpsuits, so wear comfy clothes for the season and shoes that won’t fall off. Sneakers are perfect. Flip-flops or sandals are a bad idea :).

Can I wear my glasses or contact lenses while skydiving? #

Sure you can. A part of the skydiving equipment is protective goggles, which fit over and protect your glasses. Contact lenses are also okay to wear while skydiving.

What shoes should I be wearing? #

We recommend fully enclosed shoes, such as sneakers, running, or sports shoes. Flipflops, sandals, hiking boots, or high heels are not appropriate for skydiving.


Does weather play a role in skydiving? #

Skydiving is a very weather dependant activity and may be disabled if it is too windy, foggy, or rainy. We monitor the weather regularly, and we only skydive if it is entirely safe to do so.

What if the weather is bad on the day of my tandem jump? #

If the weather doesn't allow us to skydive on the day of your planned tandem jump, we will contact you and reschedule your booking for a day with a better weather forecast that suits you best. If you are unable to reschedule, we refund your deposit.

What if it's windy or rainy on the day of my tandem jump? #

If the weather does not allow us to skydive on the day of your booking, we will inform you asap and reschedule your jump to another date that best suits you or refund you the deposit.

Safety & protection

What about my personal belongings during the jump? #

You can not take any of your belongings (including your phone) with you on the airplane for safety reasons. You can leave them in a safe place with our team at the Prague Skydive Centre and pick them up after your tandem jump.

Will I be safe while skydiving? #

We are proud to inform you that we have a 100% safety record at Prague Skydive Centre. And, of course, we intend to maintain it. Our certified skydivers are dedicated professionals, and our equipment is of the highest quality available on the skydiving market.

Prices & payment

What is the price of a tandem jump at Prague Skydive Center? #

The price of a tandem jump is CZK 5,500 / €230.

The tandem jump with photos and video is CZK 8,000 / €335.

Tandem jump with photos, video, and Handycam video is CZK 8,500 / €335.

Transfers from Prague to Skydive Center & back to Prague are free.

What the price of a tandem jump at Prague Skydive Center includes? #

The price of CZK 5,500 / €230 includes an English-speaking skydive instructor, briefing, skydive equipment, a 20-minute sightseeing flight, tandem jump from 4,200 m (14,000 ft), 1-minute free falling at 200 km/h, 6-minute sky cruising with an open parachute, unique tandem jump T-shirt, and diploma.

For CZK 8,000 / €335, you get your whole experience recorded by a skydive cameraman, and for €20 / CZK 500, your skydive instructor can make you a Handycam selfie video.

Transfers in an AC minibus from Prague to the Skydive Center & back to Prague are free.

What is the price of the tandem jump recording? #

The basic price of a tandem jump is CZK 5,500 / €230, and you can add two options of recording: recording by a skydive cameraman for CZK 2,500 / €105 and a Handycam selfie video by your skydive instructor for CZK 500 / €20.

So, the total price of a tandem jump with photos and video is €250 / CZK 6,400, and a tandem jump with photos, video, and selfie video is €270 / CZK 6,900.

Is a payment or deposit required to schedule a skydive? #

Yes, all bookings require a CZK 1000 / €40 deposit per person.

Should I pay some fee if I cancel my jump? #

You are free to cancel with no charge up to 24 before your booked skydiving experience. After this, the deposit is not refundable.